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Chromebooks & Technology

Chromebook Checkout:

  • Make sure you have registered your child for the 2023-2024 school year!  Please visit our registration page for more information about how to register your child if you have not already done so.

  • CLICK HERE to Submit the 2023-2024 GJHS Chromebook Guidelines Agreement.   This is the only form you will need to turn in, and it is only available on our website.  There is no paper form.  Students cannot receive their Chromebook until this form is submitted by a parent or guardian!

  • Families must pay a $20.00 technology fee. The Technology fee supports the 1:1 device initiative at Greenspun in the following ways: 

    • Funds software purchases and subscriptions for student learning​

    • Funds hardware purchases, such as charging lockers throughout the school, and extra Chromebooks above the 105% that CCSD provides, so that Chromebooks are available to students throughout the school.

    • extra parts and supplies for onsite repairs, cleaning supplies, barcode and identification stickers and storage supplies.

  • Chromebooks will be checked out to students on Welcome Back Day August 3rd, or during English classes the first week of school.

  • Students may not use personal computers or chromebooks on campus, due to the fact that we are not able to support, troubleshoot, monitor, nor secure personal electronic devices on campus.
  • Students must provide their own protective case or padded binder to transport their Chromebook to and from school and to each class throughout the school day. CCSD Chromebooks are 8.25" X 12"  Examples are pictured below:


If you have any questions, please contact:

Click the link to submit your acknowledgement that you watched the video:

Troubleshooting and Help:

Internet Supports from CCSD

  • CCSD has compiled a list of resources available to families to help them to be able to access the internet for distance learning. 

How to log in to Canvas (CLICK HERE)

How to log in to Campus Portal Student (aka Infinite Campus) CLICK HERE


How to add your CCSD Google account on a personal computer

  • Surprisingly, it is not as easy as it seems to add a Google profile to Chrome.  This video shows you how to add your CCSD Google account to Chrome so that you won't have problems turning in coursework or accessing websites or applications that you will need for school.

What is my username?

  • Your username for AD, Canvas, Campus Portal, and Google are all the same this year.  They will all be the same as your Google username, like this: christia.123456

  • If you do not know your username, or if you have forgotten your username, you can look it up here: Forgot Username




How to reset your password(s): 

How to Powerwash your Chromebook: Powerwashing your chromebook is the most thorough way to reset and update your Chromebook.  

  1. Plug in your chromebook (if available).

  2. SIGN OUT of your Chromebook

  3. Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+r

  4. Click "Powerwash"

  5. Click "Continue"

  6. Click "Let's go"

  7. Choose your wifi and type in the password.

  8. Click "Accept and continue"

  9. Click "Done"

Need technology help from an actual person? Visit the Chromebook Help Desk in room 302.

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