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GJHS Newsletter 09-15-2023

Week at a Glance:

Monday 9/18

Tuesday 9/19:

  • Shining Star Awards in the library

  • KONA ICE sale during lunches

  • SOT Meeting

  • NO LIBRARY CLUB due to SOT Meeting

  • Fall Preview Choir Concert 6:00pm

Wednesday 9/20:

  • Home Flag Football games vs. Schofield: 4:00 boys; 5:15 pm girls

Thursday 9/21:

  • Student of the Month Awards in the library

  • NO LIBRARY CLUB due to a SIP meeting

Friday 9/22:

Principal’s Message

Jackie Carducci GJHS Principal

“Max,” it is time to get up for school,” Mom shouts as she knocks at his door.

“Leave me alone. I’m tired,” Max replies in a groggy voice.

“You need to get up now, or you will be grounded.”

“That’s not fair,” whines Max. “I’m tired, and I’m not going.”

And so, the battle begins.

Although we love our children, parenting can be frustrating, especially when they refuse to go to school. Many times, as parents, our first response is to yell, lecture, and threaten as our blood pressure rises to new heights.

As one doctor from Embark Behavioral Health states, “While it’s okay to feel that way, remember that how you respond will greatly affect your child.”

“Hear them out. Sometimes a child's reason for not wanting to go to school is minor and can be resolved by simply listening to their concerns,” says Christine Carter, author of Raising Happiness. Other times, school can be a major cause of anxiety that our children have not shared with us.

And, sometimes, we, as parents, can become the trigger for our children’s defiance. Freelance writer Kate Prince, explains that, as parents, it is tempting to micromanage everything from homework to soccer practice, but she warns that it could have the opposite effect.

Unfortunately, we do not have a magic wand that we can wave to whisk our children from their beds to their classroom desks, but we can use our magic as a parent to listen to what our children are saying so we get them the support they need.

Events & Honors:

SOT Elections: Friday, September 15 is the last day to vote for your GJHS parent SOT representatives! Please CLICK HERE to VOTE NOW! For more information, please visit the SOT page of our website.

  • Only parents and guardians of students currently enrolled at Greenspun JHS may vote.

  • Parents and Guardians may each vote only once.

  • Please vote using the email address on file in Infinite Campus for verification.

  • Voting closes on Friday, September 15

Picture Retakes: Did you miss picture day or want to take a new picture? Picture retake day for both students and staff is September 22, 2023. Order Forms are located in the back office, or CLICK HERE to order photo packages.

Thank you Greenspun families for participating in Mr. Hergenrader's class fundraiser. The students are thrilled about their new books and supplies!

Colorguard: Color Guard tryouts are on September 26 and 27th. You can grab an audition packet from the back office. The audition packet must be completely filled out and turned in by Tuesday 9/26/2023 to be able to try out on 9/27/2023. You will need to get a physical before Tuesday 9/26/2023 so plan accordingly.

Every Day Matters: The statistics are alarming.

  • During the previous academic year, the Clark County School District (CCSD) experienced a chronic absenteeism rate of 36 percent.

  • That means one out of every three students was absent from school 10 percent or more of enrolled days for any reason.

  • Why it matters: It’s an issue we must address head-on and with urgency. When students miss classroom instruction, it hurts their student success, affecting their grades and social development.

  • But there is encouraging news. CCSD has launched a campaign, Every Day Matters, that will use a strategic approach to improve student attendance.

  • This campaign will be a communitywide effort, involving nonprofit organizations, businesses, and local governments that partner with CCSD.

  • For us to get students to regularly attend school, however, the fact is it will depend on you and your child.

  • The bottom line: You will be the one who ignites that spark within your family to lead the way for consistent attendance and creates a culture of continuous learning. But you will not be alone.

  • What's next: In the weeks and months ahead, our school and CCSD will be offering tips and strategies that you can use to get your child excited about going to school. If you are concerned about your child’s attendance, request a meeting with school counselors or an administrator so we can work on making progress.

  • We are here to help your child succeed – and we can work together throughout the school year to make that happen.

KONA ICE: Kona Ice during all 3 lunches on Tuesday, September 19th. $5.00 cash only.

Infinite Campus Parent portal/Student portal: Parents, please continue to monitor your child’s grades in Infinite Campus Parent Portal. If you need an activation code, please contact the office for assistance.

School Organizational Team: The next Greenspun JHS SOT meeting will be September 19 at 2:30pm. Click here for GJHS SOT information.



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