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ID Cards and Lanyards Required at GJHS starting Tomorrow, Friday, August 11

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Today, all students at Greenspun received their ID card and lanyard. In support of our school safety initiatives, all students must wear their lanyards around their neck with school identification cards attached at all times.

Students who come to school without their ID card and lanyard will be sent to the Student Success Center where they will have the opportunity to purchase a replacement ID card and/or lanyard for $1.00 each, have a parent pay online, or have a parent bring their ID card to the school. If none of these options are available, the student will be placed in In-House Suspension for the day. Students may use their own school-appropriate lanyard with their school issued ID card.

Any students who were absent for Picture Day today may visit the Student Success Center to have their photo taken and receive their first ID card at no cost.



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