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SBAC / CRT Practice Day Monday, 3/28

Students will report to their testing rooms on Monday, April 28 at 8:00am to view the GJHS Test Prep video and to prepare for CRT and SBAC testing. On Friday, March 25th, first period teachers will inform students of their testing room assignment. If students are absent or forget where their testing room is, they can simply ask their first period teacher.

Students and families may view the GJHS Test prep video here: GJHS SBAC / CRT Test prep

More information about SBAC and CRT testing can be found on our website:

SBAC and CRT Testing:

  • SBAC/CRT Practice Day: March 28

  • 8th grade science CRT: March 30

  • Math SBAC testing: April 5-6

  • ELA SBAC testing: April 20-22