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School Safety at GJHS

We Need Your Help

School safety is our number one priority at Greenspun Junior High School. As a Greenspun community we are asking for your support in the following areas:

  • Social media both during and after school, such as Twitter, TikTok, and Discord, just to name a few, which often create negative platforms for students to engage in cyberbullying and inappropriate activities. We are asking that you monitor your children’s cell phones and remind them that they are not allowed to use them during passing periods or in their classes. Inappropriate cell phone usage has been the cause of the majority of fights on campus. We are asking that you do not text your child during class time.

  • Any student wishing to attend an after school soccer game must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If they are not participating with the family watching the event, administrators or campus monitors will escort them off school premises.

  • If your child is being picked up at the local church, across the street at the backside of the homes on Valle Verde, or any other off-campus location, please remind your child they need to be respectful of their surroundings. We have reports of students throwing rocks at cars, running across the street, and using inappropriate language. It is important to respect our neighbors and the community around us.

  • As the school year comes to a close, misbehaviors are on the rise across the district. CCSD and GJHS take these incidents very seriously. Students who choose to participate in such incidents such as fights, verbal altercations, and/or destructive behavior causing school disruptions may receive a 3-5 day suspension, StarOn, or expulsion.

We appreciate all of your continued support in a combined effort to keep all students, faculty, and families safe on and off our campus.

If you have an emergency, please call our office at (702) 799-0920; ext. 4035.



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