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School Safety at Greenspun JHS

Jackie Carducci GJHS Principal

School Safety Is Our Number One Priority

As your school principal, nothing is more important to me than our students’ safety. Our administration continually collaborates with the CCSD Office of Emergency Management, as well as CCSD Police, to ensure optimal safety at our school. Drills and procedures are routinely practiced by the students and staff.

We appreciate having our parents as members of our team, and we encourage you to do the following in our quest to ensure the safety of our students:

  1. Remind students to tell a trusted adult if they hear something that makes them feel unsafe.

  2. Remind your children that wearing their IDs and lanyards to school is for safety reasons because it helps us to identify students who belong on our campus..

  3. Closely monitor and review your children’s online and social media posts.

  4. Check your student’s backpack for any dangerous items before they leave for school if they are exhibiting suspicious behavior.

  5. Ensure all types of weapons maintained in the home are secured/locked in a safe place and inaccessible to your children.

  6. Please be reminded to have proper identification when coming to the school to pick up your child.

  7. Seek help from the school if your children are talking about violence, are angry, or are making any types of threats toward themselves or others. Please contact your school’s counselor, administrator, or other trusted adult who can connect you with helpful resources.

As a community, I know that nothing is more important to all of us than our students’ safety so I welcome any ideas that you have to enhance school security. Please feel free to call my office with questions, concerns, or ideas at (702) 799-0920 x 4201.



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